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Scallop tartare, sherry & cocoa Jerome Feck - Hostellerie La Briqueterie

Scallop tartare, sherry & cocoa

Jerome Feck - Hostellerie La Briqueterie

For 4 persons

The tartare

12 scallops

1 lemon

1 sweet chili


Olive oil

Some sprouts of mizuna

For the sauce

40ml of sherry vinegar

10gr of sugar

5gr of 70% chocolate

For the cocoa biscuit

25gr of softened butter

25gr of icing sugar
25 gr of egg white

17gr of flour

8gr of cocoa powder

Fleur de sel


Chop the scallops into little cubes and the sweet chili into fine crumbs, then use lemon juice for dressing, olive oil and salt.

Blend all the ingredients of the cocoa biscuit recipe and spread it finely over a silicone sheet. Scatter with fleur de sel, and then bake at 160°C during about 7 minutes. For the sauce, boil the vinegar with the sugar and then pour it on the chocolate and finally mix the whole.