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Winter recipe by Martial Berthuit of Le Relais de Reuilly 1* Michelin

Saint-Jacques Carpaccio, beetroots slices, white onions and acidulated cream

Here we propose you the perfect match between wine and food to bring friendliness at home, thanks to a sophiticated but easy-to-do recipe. 

For 4 persons
12 Saint-Jacques
3 white onions
200 gr of beetroot
1 pomelo
2 oranges 
1 lemon
Salt, pepper,green onions
20 cl of sour cream
20 cl of  base of white sauce
Olive oil
"Fleur de Sel"

Preparation : Mince the white onions and cook them to reduction into the base of white sauce and sour cream. Into the beetroot slices (cutted in 2 mm thick), make round pieces of 3 cm each. Press the citrus and cook the juice to make it reduced by two-third and add a spoon of sour cream. Cut the Saint-Jacques into thin slices, put them into a plate and dress it with salt, pepper, oil and lemon. 

Dressing: On a plate, put 8 spoons of white onions, then a slice of beetroot. Add the marinated Saint-Jacques and "Fleur de Sel". Make little dots with the acidulated cream and spread with minced green onions. 

To fully appreciate this dish, we recommand you to enjoy it with a glass of Champagne de Castellane Brut.

(this recipe has been elaborated during the 2013 "Habits de Saveurs" show in Epernay)