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Lau - Laurence Rossignol - Art-Exhibition from the 23rd November till the 20th December

New artist, new universe to be discovered at De Castellane with the next art-exhibition from the 23rd November until the 20th December. At the occasion, this singular artist will share her passion and her talent for the sculpture with you.

Laurence Crévits Rossignol, known as "Lau”, is born in France in 1971. She has satisfied her desire to do sculpture in 2006. She expresses herself through the earth which attracts her since her adolescence. She has found through modelling living models the way to explore feelings which inspire her: body vibrations, skin texture and soul energies. She escapes thanks to these body moves and all their expressions which appease her with their attitudes. Passionate about feminine shapes and expressions, she gives in her work all the softness and the sensuality that touch her caracterise of her. Nothing is random, each statue converge to peoples' feelings who can identify to the elegance of their poses.

Come and discover her work in our visit center from the 23rd November till the 20th December.